Successful ISC2022 in Slovenia

It’s no understatement that we can look back on a very successful ISC2022 in Slovenia at Knauf Insulation Experience Center.

A big thank you to all who contributed either as participants, speakers, organisers, suppliers, and - of course - the excellent host!

The online morning session was with 500 claimed tickets SOLD OUT! All the positive feedback received so far reassure us that both the programme and hybrid-event were “mitt i prick” and created value to most of us!

To follow-up on our promise to share the material, please follow the following links to access the presentations on YouTube:

Last but not least, the secretariat has already received several invitations from stakeholders who want to host our ISC2023! Stay tuned to save date and place!

In the meantime enjoy the ISC2022 material and feel free to contact the EPD Secretariat for support.

Thank you!

Your EPD Secretariat