Climate declaration

The single-issue EPDs Climate Declaration focus on a single environmental impact category.

Publishing a single-issue EPD means that the Secretariat prepares one single-page Climate Declaration based on the EPD. A Climate Declaration is intended to be used as complements to the EPD and will refer to the EPD for information about other environmental impacts. The Climate Declaration is published alongside the original EPD.

The most popular single-issue EPD is the Climate Declaration, which declares only the carbon footprint expressed as the Global Warming Potential (GWP) in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) equivalents of the product. Its aligned with ISO 14067 for the calculation of carbon footprint, while it refers to the actual EPD for more information about other impacts.

To publish a single issue EPD, it is mandatory to have a full EPD.

The history of climate declarations

Climate declarations were introduced by the International EPD System in 2007 and became referred to as “single-issue EPD”. This term indicates that a climate declaration in fact is an EPD but focuses only on information related to climate aspects.

The international launch of climate declaration happened concurrently with the publication of ISO 14067 on Carbon Footprint. Thereby, climate declaration did not get the same extent of publicity due to the large interest of this new standard. However, along with using the Carbon Footprint standard some weaknesses were identified in situations where the market require a tool with common calculation rules, comparability of the results and third-party verified information. Such requirements are all met by climate declarations.

The international EPD System made an attempt to register the term climate declarations but was denied having that accepted as it was seen as more of a general expression. As a consequence of this, other types of climate declarations might appear on the market but based on other calculation concepts and forms of applicability. Therefore, the International EPD System has decided to make use of the term ”EPD climate declarations” for its own original concept.

The international EPD System has registered two domain addresses for securing the correct description and interpretation of EPD climate declarations – one se-domain for Sweden and one for the international audience.

The special characters with EPD climate declarations

EPD climate declarations are based on the same calculation rules, verification and presentation format as for an EPD. Therefore, EPD climate declarations carry the same characteristics as EPDs, summarized below.

Characteristics for EPD climate declarations

Applicability of EPD climate declarations

EPD climate declarations can be used for a number of applications such as:

  • Internal awareness-raising about climate issues
  • Background data for development of climate-adapted products
  • Background data for internal strategy decisions
  • Background data for climate-adapted purchases
  • Description of internal work for climate mitigations in annual reports etc.
  • Background data for different forms of marketing

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