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SeAH CM's galvalum sheet is a product coated on the surface by coating 55% aluminum and 43.3% zinc in a bathtub with a dissolved galvalum mass on a cold rolled steel plate, and has a thick plating layer and excellent corrosion resistance. Galvalum steel plates have excellent molding and processability, and in particular, there are very few fine cracks in the mold layer of the part under processing, so the durability of the processing part is excellent. In addition, the heat resistance of the galvalum steel plate does not change color even when used at 315 degrees for a long time, and can be used intermittently up to 370 degrees, and the adhesion between the plating layer and the paint is excellent. It also boasts high-quality products such as surface beauty and excellent painting properties due to the latest facilities and abundant operational technology of technical personnel In particular, SeAH CM's excellent quality and beautiful surface products can be applied to various applications such as construction, electric and electronic sectors, and automobiles. This product is produced according to KS D 3770, JIS G 3321, ASTM A792-A653, and EN 10346. SeAH CM has obtained standard certification from various countries such as KS Korea, JIS Japan, TISI Thailand, C3 Germany, and BIS India. In addition, SeAH CM has obtained HB certification from the Korea Air Cleaning Association and produces eco-friendly products.

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En15804 Compliant:
Registration date:
August 22, 2023
Version date:
October 11, 2023
Valid until:
August 22, 2028
Geographical scopes:
South Korea
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SeAH Coated Metal
South Korea

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