Sandwichvägg typ H - ECO 60/30

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Sandwich wall is mainly used as an outer wall and consists of two concrete panels, a load-bearing inner panel and an outer panel, with an insulation in-between. The inner panel is molded which gives a smooth surface, ready to coat with plaster and with low requirements for finishing work. The outer panel is cut. The insulation can be varied in different thicknesses depending on the desired thermal insulation. The sandwich wall is prepared with holes and penetrations for vent ducts and electricity. The transport to the construction site takes place mostly by train.

The concrete does not contain hazardous chemical substances for health nor the environment and it´s 100% recyclable. Based on the European waste hierarchy the concrete can currently be recycled as filling material or ballast which can be reused in our manufacturing process. The reinforcement can be recycled in the production of reinforcement or other steel products. By recycle the material we can reduce the need for new raw materials and the environmental impact.

Byggelement (Skandinaviska Byggelement AB) was created as a company 2003 and is a part of the Peab Group. Byggelement is one of Sweden's leading suppliers of complete structural systems in concrete and prefabricated concrete elements. We produce and deliver project-adapted frames and elements directly to the construction site, ready for assembly. Byggelement manufactures and supplies frame systems and concrete elements for multi-dwelling buildings, office, hotel, industrial buildings, business premises and healthcare and school.

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Registration number:
En15804 Compliant:
Registration date:
March 16, 2023
Valid until:
March 16, 2028
Geographical scopes:
Nordic countries
LCA practitioner:

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Company Name:
Skandinaviska Byggelement AB

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Precast sandwich element typ H

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