SiOO:X Premium Wood Protection - unpigmented (consumer and industrial markets)

Product information

The Sioo Wood Protection System is two-part system comprising the SiOO:X Wood Protection and the SiOO:X Surface Protection, described by patents WO2017109174A1 and WO 2007/11156 A2. The exact formulation employed for the different products is a trade secret. The product is available pigmented or unpigmented. This EPD applies to the unpigmented wood protection product only.SiOO:X Wood Protection contains silicon, potassium and natural particles of wood and plants. it is strongly alkaline with a pH value of 10.8. By means of the specifically prepared components SiOO:X Wood Protection penetrates wood very easily. It opens up the wood structure and penetrates the microstructure of the wood fibres. It does it so well that it can be used on practically all types of wood. The wood protection can be applied by brush, roller, by spray or by dipping. When SiOO:X Wood Protection dries, silica particles are formed in a network. That is when the effect of SiOO:X shows - the silver-grey lustrous appearance develops over time.

SiOO:X Wood Protection - Step 1 

SiOO:X Wood Protection is the first component - Step 1 - in the system and is applied twice. 

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EPD-IES-0008057:002 (S-P-08057)
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Registration date:
June 9, 2023
Valid until:
June 8, 2028
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Sioo Holding AB

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