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On-demand heating or cooling from the floor with energy-efficient EC tangential fan.

Trench units are installed along floor-to-ceiling window surfaces in the floor. The Katherm HK provides a demand-oriented supply of filtered, heated or cooled circulating air into the room. The unit is available in various duct widths, heights and lengths for heating and cooling as required.

The Katherm HK has a convector through which hot water flows for heating and cold water flows for cooling. The convector consists of round copper pipes with aluminium fins and is available as a 2- and 4-pipe system. The EC cross-flow fan installed in the Katherm HK ensures that air flows evenly through the convector.

The fan is controlled by a stepless speed control via an external 0-10 V signal. In order to safely discharge the condensate produced, the units are equipped with a condensate tray and, if necessary, a condensate pump. The units are also equipped with an electrotechnical control system in order to be able to regulate the units according to the customer’s requirements. The unit components are mounted in a floor trench, which is covered by a roll-up grille or a linear grille. This decorative cover of the trench unit is available in aluminium, brass, stainless steel and wood.

The Katherm HK trench unit is used for the heating and cooling of rooms with large window areas. Exemplary areas of application for the unit are hotels, offices, sales and exhibition rooms.

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En15804 Compliant:
Registration date:
January 31, 2023
Valid until:
January 30, 2028
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Kampmann GmbH & Co. KG

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Katherm HK

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