Solar Gard® internal solar films and clear safety films up to 4 mil

Product information

This EPD describes the environmental impact of 1 m² of installed Solar Window Film for internal use and of clear safety films for internal use up to a thickness of 4 mil nominal thickness. These products have a warranty period of 12 years. Warranty is subject to conditions. Up to date information can be found on The expected average service life longer provided when the specified conditions for installation, use and maintenance are followed.

In total this EPD covers 34 solar window films and 6 clear safety films. All films are for internal application . The reference product is Solar Gard STERLING 40.

The reference product STERLING 40, a spectrally selective window film, has a total solar energy rejection (TSER) of 63% on single glass and 56% on an insulated glass unit consisting of 2 standard clear panes. The Infrared Energy rejected (IRER) is 74% on single clear glass and rejects more than 99% of the damaging UV rays.

All products meet Class A+ (Volatile Organic Compounds – VOC) tested according to EN ISO 16000 2,3 (2011) and 5,6 (2012) and meet 13238B-s1, d0 (Reaction to fire - European Construction Products Directive/EN SBI 13238)

Detailed information

Registration number:
EPD-IES-0006660:003 (S-P-06660)
En15804 Compliant:
Registration date:
April 12, 2023
Version date:
October 23, 2023
Valid until:
April 11, 2028
Geographical scopes:
Europe, Africa, India, Middle East
LCA practitioner:

EPD Owner

Company Name:
Saint-Gobain Innovative Materials Belgium SA

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Included products in this EPD

Silver family (Silver 20, Silver35, Silver 50, Silver 70)

Stainless steel family (Stainless steel 20, Stainless steel 35, Stainless steel 50)

Bronze family (Bronze 20, Bronze 35, Bronze 50)

Sterling family (Sterling 20, Sterling 40, Sterling 50, Sterling 60, Sterling 70)

TrueVue family (TrueVue 5 PS, TrueVue 15 PS, TrueVue 30 PS, TrueVue 40PS)

Slate family (Slate 10 PS HC, Slate 20 PS HC, Slate 30 PS HC, Slate 40 PS HC)

NightSky family (NightSky 10 PS, NightSky 20 PS, NightSky 30 PS)

URL 70

CX family (CX 35 SG PS, CX 50 SG PS, CX 60 SG PS)

Grey/Silver/Grey 10

Quant/silver/Quant (Quant/Silver/Quant 10 PS, Quant/Silver/Quant 20 PS)

Stainless Steel 30 Shade



AC 4 mil CLEAR

4 mil GraffitiGard

4 mil SG AM

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