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This declaration is for reusable steel sections supplied for the fabrication of structural steelwork in accordance with:

Brown DG, Pimentel RJ, Sansom MR (2019). Structural steel reuse - assessment, testing and design principles (SCI-P427). The Steel Construction Institute, Ascot. SCI-P427 is founded on the principle that given appropriate determination of material characteristics and tolerances, re-fabricated reusable steelwork can be fabricated and CE marked in accordance with BS EN 1090.

Reusable steel sections are defined as individual elements recovered from and existing steel structure during its demolition/deconstruction and/or those which have been designed and fabricated for use within a defined structure which was not erected.

The types of sections declared and supplied will be detailed between EMR and the customer and will include but not be limited to Universal Beams and Universal Columns.

As the raw materials for Reusable Steels are sourced and extracted from existing structures within the urban mine, this positively increases resource efficiency whilst decreasing carbon intensity.

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Registration number:
Registration date:
June 27, 2022
Version date:
July 22, 2022
Valid until:
June 26, 2027
Geographical scopes:
United Kingdom

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European Metal Recycling
United Kingdom

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Reusable Steel

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