Aggregates & Granular Fill (Belgard Quarry)

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This environmental product declaration is for 1 tonne of Limestone Aggregate & Granular Fill materials produced by Roadstone and sourced from Belgard Quarry. The Aggregate & Granular Fill products are available in a range of types and sizes.    

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En15804 Compliant:
Registration date:
March 31, 2023
Valid until:
March 28, 2028
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Included products in this EPD

Materials may vary in maximum size and particle size distribution (grading) to suit the required applications and comply with the relevant specification. When producing these materials, the aim is to always to have a finished product which is clean, hard and durable and capable of performing as required in an engineering environment.    

The most commonly produced aggregate sizes include Crushed Rock Fines (0-4mm), 2/6.3mm Aggregate (6mm), 4/10mm Aggregate (10mm), 6.3/14mm Aggregate (14mm), 10/20mm Aggregate (20mm), 20/31.5mm Aggregate (28mm) and 20/40mm Aggregate (40mm).    

The most commonly produced granular fill sizes include: 25 – 0 mm Crushed Rock (1″ down), 50 – 0 mm Crushed Rock (2″ down), 75 – 0 mm Crushed Rock (3″ Down), 100 – 0 mm Crushed Rock (4″ down), 150 – 0 mm Crushed Rock (6″ down), 40 – 63 mm Crushed Rock (2″ clean), 65 – 85 mm Crushed Rock (3″ clean), 90 -110 mm Crushed Rock (4″clean), 120 – 180 mm Crushed Rock (6″ clean), CL 804 Granular Material, CL 808 Granular Material, SR 21 Annex E T.0 Structural (0/125mm), SR 21 Annex E T.1 Structural (0/31.5mm), SR 21 Annex E T.2 Permeable (4/40mm) and SR 21 Annex E, T.3 Blinding (0/4mm).   

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