Thermafleece: SupaSoft

Product information

Thermal and acoustic insulation made using recycled PET microfibre and thermally-bonded using a PET bi-component binder to prevent slumping in service. SupaSoft uses duvet and pillow technology to make safe, sustainable and cost-effective insulation for buildings. SupaSoft contains no chemicals additives or binders and is completely safe to handle. Converting plastic bottles into insulation helps divert many tonnes of waste plastic from landfill helping protect our environment. SupaSoft is long-lasting and easy to install. Operational energy savings mean the insulation pays for itself in just a few years. SupaSoft can be used to insulate between and over joists or simply laid on top of existing insulation to improve overall insulation performance.

Detailed information

Registration number:
Registration date:
November 1, 2021
Valid until:
October 31, 2026
Geographical scopes:

Company information

Company Name:
Eden Renewable Innovations Ltd

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