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These products are manufactured by LIP Bygningsartikler A/S in the production plants located in Nørre Aaby, Denmark. LIP 2K Waterproofing Adhesive is used for making up waterproofing paste for waterproofing floors and walls in damp rooms before covering the walls and floors with ceramic tiles or natural stones.

LIP VS 30 Waterproofing Membrane is a liquid which is used for waterproofing floors and walls in damp rooms before covering floors and walls with ceramic tiles or natural stones. The Primer 54 and LIP Supergrund are liquids which are used for priming substrates before applying LIP floor compounds.

The manufacturing process starts from raw materials purchased from suppliers and stored in the plant. Bulk raw materials are stored in specific silos and added mostly automatically in the production mixer, according to the formula of the product. Other raw materials, supplied in bags or big bags, are stored in their warehouse and added automatically or manually in the mixer. The production is a discontinuous process, in which all the components are mechanically mixed in batches.

The semi-finished product is then packaged in plastic cans and film, put on wooden pallets, covered by stretched hoods and stored in the Finished Products’ warehouse. The quality of final products is controlled before the sale. The product is supplied from production in dry form, premixed in respect of all contents but water. Water is added for Lip 54 Primer and LIP Supergrund at the building site in the construction/ installation stage, in a defined amount and technique, in order to produce a deformable cementitious adhesive of high performance.

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En15804 Compliant:
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November 2, 2021
Version date:
February 3, 2023
Valid until:
October 28, 2026
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LIP Bygningsartikler A/S

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Included products in this EPD

1. LIP 2K Waterproofing adhesive,
2. LIP vS 30 Waterproofing adhesive,
3. LIP 54 Primer,
4. LIP Supergrund
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