Reinforced bitumen sheets for roof waterproofing, Two layer system

Product information

Top and Base is a two-layer waterproofing system from Icopal, made for roofs with particularly high demands on the waterproofing layer. The system consists of an upper layer (Top) and a lower layer (Base), both based on SBS-modified bitumen. SBS increases the elasticity of the waterproofing layer and provides increased joint strength and service life. Two separate waterproofing layers provide a good protection against leakage. The lower layer can also be used as a temporary seal while the rest of the roof is completed.

Waterproofing system Top & Base is available in two versions; SV and K/KL, where SV stands for weldable and K/KL for glued (with hot asphalt) when installed. The seven products included in this LCA can be installed in the following combinations to form a two-layer waterproofing system: Base SV + Top SV, Base + Top, Base KL + Top KL, Base K + Top KL, Base SV + Base SV, Base K + Base K and Base KL + Base KL. Base SV and Base, Top and Top SV and Base K and Base KL are identical products but sold on different markets.

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EPD-IES-0003761:001 (S-P-03761)
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May 18, 2021
Valid until:
May 18, 2026
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BMI Group Nordic

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Included products in this EPD

Top KL, Base KL, Base K, Top SV, Base SV, Top, Base

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