Structura System – beams and plates

Product information

Structura is a construction system developed by Scaffsystem to support architects, engineers and technicians in designing new building structures. It consists of structural steel solutions and a range of modular and flexible ideas, based on the use of light sections and cold forming steel. Structura system allows cost-effective and fast construction of mezzanines, canopies, industrial buildings, bungalow, residential buildings and special projects such as roof-truss, booths and similar installations. Moreover, Structura can be used for designing complex structures in the field of structural consolidation and seismic adaptation.

Through this construction method, steel, thanks to its structural and technological features, can be combined with a series of complementary materials to offer a customisable building product with high acoustic, thermal, fireproof and functional and energetic performances.

This innovative construction method allows users to go beyond the traditional carpentry profiles and the traditional construction concrete-based techniques, as it is focused on a very simple mechanical process: all the components are produced off-site, while on site you only need to assemble them, according to the architectural-technological design. Beams and plates are then joined mechanically together, generally by screwing or by bolting – in case of structures- and their on-site installation does not have to be subject to any weather conditions.

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En15804 Compliant:
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May 13, 2021
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March 8, 2023
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May 12, 2026
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Scaffsystem Srl

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Included products in this EPD

The products covered in the present EPD are load-bearing beam Sigma sections (sigma 125, 150, 200, 255, 300 and 400) and plates of the Structura system.

The sigma beams are steel sections drilled at a pitch of 25/50 mm with a thickness ranging from 3 to 4 mm. The code number after the name (i.e. 255) identifies the height of the profile expressed in mm.

The beams can be made with double-sided hot dip galvanized coated steel - consisting of steel substrate with a metallic pure zinc coating applied by means of a continuous hot dip galvanising process – or hot-rolled steel with an epoxy coating for preserving the products from corrosion.

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