Kerto® LVL

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Kerto® LVL laminated veneer lumber products are used in all types of construction projects, from new buildings to renovation and repair. Kerto LVL is incredibly strong and dimensionally stable. Kerto LVL derives its high strength from its homogeneous bonded structure. Kerto LVL is made as continuous billet which is cut to length and sawn into LVL beams, planks or panels according to the customer’s requirements.

The wood raw material for Kerto LVL originates from sustainable northern forests.
Kerto LVL structures in construction act as long-term carbon storage. The service life of Kerto LVL is considered to be as long as the lifetime of the building, providing the Kerto LVL product is installed according to instructions.

Kerto LVL is the best choice for fast, light and sustainable construction. The core competence of Metsä Wood is industrial-scale manufacturing. Offsite partners of Metsä Wood develop their elements and modules using versatile Kerto LVL products and element systems.

Detailed information

Registration number:
EPD-IES-0002802:001 (S-P-02802)
En15804 Compliant:
Registration date:
January 21, 2022
Valid until:
January 21, 2027
Geographical scopes:

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Company Name:
Metsä Wood

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  • Kerto LVL S-beam
  • Kerto LVL Q-panel
  • Kerto LVL Qp-beam
  • Kerto LVL T-stud
  • Kerto LVL L-panel
  • Kerto LVL Kate
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