FINSA Plain and melamine-coated particle boards

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Product information

Particleboards are products manufactured from carefully selected wood. The most appreciated features are their smooth surface and the homogeneity of their inner layer. The most common applications are found in the furniture and construction industries.

These boards are made of three layers of chipped wood bonded together by synthetic resins through flat pressing at high temperatures, and are then sanded.

Both the raw and the melamine faced particleboards comply with standards EN 312 and EN 14322.

Particleboards can easily be coated with decorative paper impregnated with melamine by resorting to simple technologies.

Particleboards are classified into different types according standard EN 312.

Boards are initially classified according to their use, as structural or non structural; and according to the environment where they are used, as dry and humid. Particleboards have a smooth and homogeneous surface that tolerates any type of coating.

This type of board is a significant reference in the furniture industry, for manufacturing interior doors, screens, cupboards, and in general for any indoor use in dry environments. Forty years in the market endorse it has a reliable raw material in all those applications.

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