RMF Recycled Raised Floor Panels

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Product information

This EPD applies to RMF's “Eco Range”and “E-Coated” raised flooring panels. “Eco Range” panels are uncoated and suitable for use where a further floor covering will be applied. “E-coated” panels are coated by application of a water-based low VOC paint. Both “ECO”and “E-Coated” panels meet the PSA MOB standard for “medium grade” applications, and both are produced by the reclamation of flooring panels that have been used and then removed from buildings in the course of demolition or building refurbishment.

Detailed information

Registration number:
Registration date:
January 23, 2021
Valid until:
January 18, 2026
Geographical scopes:
United Kingdom

Company information

Company Name:
RMF Installation & Services Ltd
United Kingdom

Included products in this EPD

RMF Eco Range raised flooring panels RMF E-Coated raised flooring panels
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