Precast concrete products

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Product information

Prefabricados de hormigón Etxeberria S.A. is a company that has been manufacturing precast concrete elements for more than 35 years. Precast concrete elements are a construction product produced by casting concrete in a reusable mold which is cured in a controlled environment. The concrete is obtained through the homogenization of cement, aggregates, water and additives. Currently we replace between 80 and 90% of limestone aggregates by recycled materials originated in the iron and steel industry and foundry. Prefabricados Etxeberria is firmly committed to sustainable development and the quality of our products. The products analysed are small-sized precast concrete elements used in a wide array of building and civil engineering applications.

Detailed information

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January 28, 2021
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Company information

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Prefabricados de hormigón Etxeberria, S.A.

Included products in this EPD

Precast concrete products: - Pavers - Kerbs - Blocks - Small vaults - Bricks - Slabs - Retaining walls
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