Metal Ceiling Systems (Staves, T-grid - Lay-In, Clip-in)

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Product information

This Epd reports the environmental information about Atena metal ceiling systems made up of staves, clip-in and t-grid/ lay-in metal panels. Precisely the t-grid/ lay-in ceiling systems include the following models: 24 Linear Tegular (9 and 15 mm drop) | 15 Linear Design (9 and 15 mm drop) Plan | Flat | Trim | Escape | 24 Syncro Evo. These systems belong to Atena Metal Modular range and are made up of using the Atena Steel Strong t-grid profiles Easy T24/T15 | Easy Antisismica T24 | Easy Fox | Runner | Easy Line | B35 | B43. The clip-in system range includes panels and the related concealed structures of the following models: Enigma | Enigma Open | Enigma Space | Matrox | Matrox a Tenuta models. Staves systems included in this Epd report cover both hook on and self-supporting staves. All Atena ceilings are synonyms for high performance systems properly conceived to meet all customer requirements and to be suitable for every environments such as airports, schools, hospitals, sports, commercial centres, offices and industries. Thanks to a wide know-how in materials and installation requirements, Atena has always developed innovative products suitable to solve the variety of site construction issues, ensuring attention to details, finishing, flatness, system safety, fast and correct installation. In addition to a full range of products Atena offers specialized technical support on feasibility, application methods, acoustics, seismic engineering, lighting, aesthetic finishing and product certifications.

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January 27, 2021
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January 11, 2026
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Metal Ceiling Systems (Staves, T-grid - Lay-In, Clip-in)
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