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Founded in Italy in 1993, Tecnocap Group is a multinational company operating in the metal packaging sector through the industrial production of Metal Closures for glass and plastic containers and Aluminum Aerosol Cans and Bottles.

Tecnocap mission is to provide consumer brands all over the world with unexcelled credentials in terms of consumer safety, recyclability, and visual shelf impact.

The Group’s business model is based on the supply of metal closures together with the design, manufacture, and installation of high-speed automatic closing machines, along with a worldwide technical support service carried out at the production sites of the customer to ensure the continuity and proper maintenance of the machines supplied. Metal Closures guarantee product safety of food and beverages preserving the integrity of the product, reducing food waste, and protecting consumer health. Vacuum packaging optimises the shelf-life of food subjected to ultra-heat treatment. The seal is guaranteed by the combined action of the Capping Machine and the Sealing Gasket on the Metal Closure. The “safety button/flip” enables consumers to check the integrity of the vacuum seal at any time.

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Tecnocap Group

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The Twist/Lugged Closure
These closures are made of tinplated steel are 100% recyclable.
Suitable for various applications, widely employed in vacuum packaging, they guarantee oxygen, light, and harmful external agents barrier.
Suitable for hot, cold and aseptic filling compatible with pasteruization, retort and sterilization processes.
These closures are available in a diverse array of designs, profiles, and diameters.
Some diameters feature a special “Easy Grip” design, and all diameters are offered with a Safety Button/Flip (vacuum indicator).  

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