Thermal and acoustic wood wool boards - composite


Product information

CELENIT wood wool panels are made of spruce wood coming from sustainable management forests (PEFC™ or FSC®) and mineral binders mainly Portland cement, white or grey, and marble powder.

The mix of the mentioned raw materials, the density of the mixture and the inclusion of additional layers/elements give the panels specific technical properties which make them very versatile multi-purpose products for many building applications.

The cellular structure of wood gives the insulation panel lightness and elasticity. The gaps between the fibres gives sound absorption and excellent ability to adhere to all forms of mortar. The presence of Portland cement gives high resistance to water and frost and superior mechanical properties such as resistance to bending and compression and high fire resistance.

The products included in the present EPD are composite panels where a layer of CELENIT is coupled with another layer and they are classified in two different divisions:

BUILDING | CONSTRUCTION regards products for roofs applications and consisting of CELENIT N coupled with rockwool, CELENIT L2 or wood fibre, CELENIT F2 and products specific for external insulation covering, consisting of CELENIT N/C coupled with rockwool, CELENIT L2/C or wood fibre, CELENIT F2/C.

ACOUSTIC | DESIGN division is specific for sound absorbing applications and regards panels selected for their aesthetic quality, with white Portland cement; CELENIT AB/F is EI 60 fire resistant, consisting of a layer of CELENIT AB coupled to 15 mm thick fire rated plasterboard; CELENIT L2AB25 and CELENIT L2ABE25 are made up of respectively CELENIT AB or ABE 25 mm thick coupled to a layer of mineral wool with non-woven glass fibre. CELENIT L2ABE25C consists of CELENIT ABE 25 mm thick, coupled to a layer of mineral wool.

The products are compliant to the EN 13168 standard “Thermal insulation products for buildings. Factory made wood wool (WW) products” and to the EN 13964 “Suspended ceilings. Requirements and test methods”.

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January 22, 2021
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January 21, 2026
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Included products in this EPD

F2 - F2/C - L2 - L2/C (grey cement)

AB/F - L2AB25 - L2ABE25 - L2ABE25C (white cement)

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