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Leva is the first timber chair designed by Foster + Partners. Manufactured by Mattiazzi, it combines craftsmanship with sophisticated machinery to create a comfortable and ergonomically designed chair. Capitalising on the tactility of timber, the gentle ergonomically-designed curve on the seat creates a comfortable cushion that encourages you to sit back and relax. The design draws on the imagery of an oar, the steam-bent arms – made of a single piece of machined timber – are slightly inclined, widening in the middle to form the backrest for support. Its seemingly simple shape is the result of complex surfacing that optimises the chair for mass production, while allowing for a carefully crafted finish.

The sparing use of material is rooted in the idea of sustainability – to do more with less. Made of ash sustainably sourced from Eastern Europe, the chair is designed to reduce the amount of waste generated during its manufacture. Any timber discarded during the machining process is used to fuel the heating system at the factory, supplementing the photovoltaic panels on the factory roof.

The Leva Chair has won three Product Design Awards for its Eco-Sustainable Design.

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En15804 Compliant:
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April 30, 2021
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April 30, 2021
Valid until:
February 7, 2026
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Foster + Partners
United Kingdom

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