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Hyundai Steel’s cold-rolled steel coils and sheets, boasting clean surfaces and high adaptability to processing, are used to manufacture a wide range of products, including automobiles, refrigerators, washers, and other home appliances, as well as various industrial devices and building materials. With the changing industrial landscape, economic development and environmental improvements have become essential. Consumers require more sophisticated, diverse, and functional products, prompting the company to offer the best cold-rolled coils on the market.

Cold-rolled steel coils are commonly used in automotive steel sheets for the exteriors and interiors of auto bodies. They are produced by rolling hot-rolls at room temperature. Hyundai Steel’s cold-rolled coils feature an even thickness, a smooth surface, and a high level of corrosion resistance and workability.

Cold-rolled steel coils for home appliances are used in various products such as televisions (TVs), refrigerators, and the outer panels of washing machines. Cold-rolled steel coils come in a range of designs, thanks to the high level of workability of our product. They are also highly corrosion-resistant and feature a high level of conductivity.

The cold-rolled steel from Hyundai Steel is produced using the latest automatic factory systems and boasts the excellent quality of customers require. Hyundai Steel is working hard to provide premium-quality steel products that meet consumers’ needs and expectations.

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October 13, 2020
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