Hot Rolled Steel Plate

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A Hot Rolled Steel Plate refers a thick steel product with a thickness of more than 6mm, it is used from construction/energy/shipbuilding.

Construction plates are mainly used in large-scale steel structures such as railway, bridges, plants, large buildings, and offshore structures. In addition, when the usage of H-sections presents problems in terms of size or standards, Built-up Beams are employed in their place using plate welding.

Plate for use in plants are used in making pressure vessels for refining and storing drilled oil and gas. We produce the steel plate having outstanding thermal resistance and corrosion resistance as it is frequently used under high pressure environment.

Shipbuilding plates are mainly used for bulk heads, upper decks and hatch covers for tankers, bulk carriers, container ships and LNG carriers. Our steel plates, including regular steel, high tensile steel and low temperature toughness steel approved by classification societies in different countries as well as TMCP-manufactured steel have been produced for a wide variety of features in terms of strength, dimension, surface, form and impact toughness.

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October 13, 2020
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September 4, 2025
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Hyundai Steel Company
South Korea
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