Hot Rolled Steel Coil

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Hot-rolled steel coil refers to steel sheets that have been thinned up to 6 mm by heating, pressing, and extending semi-finished steel slabs made by processing molten metal from blast furnaces. Hyundai Steel possesses as production capacity of 9.8 million tons a year to manufacture high quality hot-rolled steel coils and sheets through its integrated production system with latest equipment. Hot-rolled steel products are widely used in different industries including automotive, structures and steel pipes for construction.

Steel for used automotive bodies is high in strength and resistant to fatigue, which can increase overall safety and lifespan of cars. The product is highly processible that it can be easily shaped to a car design which is increasingly diversified and also has the properties appropriate for lightweight automotive bodies. It is mostly used for car frames, wheels and exteriors.

Structures steel coils are need that mechanical properties are crucial as the product applied to structural frames. Therefore, it possesses proper yield strength, tensile strength, elongation minimum, flexibility, and impact toughness required for different uses. The product can be classified into two types either for general structure or for welded structure and mainly used for various structures such as bridges, ships and vehicles.

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October 13, 2020
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September 4, 2025
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Hyundai Steel Company
South Korea
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