Built-in bitumen membranes

Product information

Icopal Membranes are a 1-layer membrane based on SBS-modified bitumen, made to be built-in in buildings in order to protect the underlying construction from moisture and chemical substances. Example of applications where Icopal Membranes are mounted include terraces, courtyards and parking-decks. Built-in membranes often have to withstand tough conditions such as traffic congestion, movements in the ground and large temperature variations. Icopal Membranes are adapted to Scandinavian conditions. The four membranes included in this study are designed to be used in different applications: Membrane 3 as an extra reinforcement under other waterproofing systems or as a temporary waterproofing system, Membrane 4 for waterproofing of indoor joists and smaller terrace joists, Membrane 5 for larger joists and parking decks and Membrane 5 Bro for parking decks and bridges. Membrane 5 Bro complies with the Swedish Transport Administration's requirements for waterproofing systems in bridges.

Detailed information

Registration number:
Registration date:
August 17, 2020
Valid until:
July 15, 2025
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Company information

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BMI Sverige AB

Included products in this EPD

  • Icopal Membrane 3
  • Icopal Membrane 4
  • Icopal Membrane 5
  • Icopal Membrane 5 Bro.
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