Washing and sterilization service of drapes and gowns in R.T.T

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Product information

The sterilization of textiles, which aims to eliminate any vital organ from a medical device through an automatic sequence of operational phases carried out in a sterilizer (so-called "sterilization cycle"). It concerns surgical interventions for the setting up of the operating field and the dressing of the medical team. Once used, the textiles are withdrawn, refurbished, subjected to the sterilization process and returned in sets to the operating rooms for re-use.

The sterilization takes place in specific buildings attached to the laundry production sites where the textiles, once refurbished, are packed in sets and subjected to the sterilization process. This process is made in accordance with the current regulations as well as those specifically related to the Medical Devices, thus ensuring the traceability of the process/product through the use of special information systems and the application of barcodes or technological systems that allow to identify the devices automatically.

To transport the Sterile Medical Devices, Servizi Italia S.p.A. relies on qualified third-party companies that have dedicated means and staff suitable for this type of activity.

Servizi Italia S.p.A. is the main national operator in the integrated services of rental, washing and sterilization of textiles and surgical instruments in favor of social welfare and hospital public and private facilities. The services covered by this Environmental Product Declaration are the following:

  • Supply, rental and reconditioning (washing and disinfection, sterilization), maintenance, logistics (transportation, collection and distribution at customers) of sterile drapes and gowns in reusable technical fabric (R.T.T.), packed in SBS (sterile barrier system).

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April 8, 2020
Valid until:
March 18, 2025
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Servizi Italia S.p.A