Self-levelling compounds

Product information

The products included are a series of self-levelling compounds for use internally in buildings, produced and supplied as a dry powder with water added at the work site. The purpose of the products is to provide a level and durable wearing surface with the ability to sustain industrial loads. The products are designed to be used as wearing surfaces but can also be used as underlayments, under e.g. epoxy floorings.  
The Combimix products included in this study are manufactured in two production sites; one located in Backamo and another located in Bålsta, both locations in Sweden. The products are manufactured through a dry-mix process in a plough-shear mixer. Raw materials are fed automatically from silos, additives are premixed and added automatically as a compound or added without premixing through automatic or manual addition based on the type of additive. The ready-mixed product is filled in small bags, big bags or supplied in bulk depending on the intended use or application. 

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Registration number:
Registration date:
February 14, 2020
Valid until:
February 13, 2025
Geographical scopes:
Nordic countries

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Combimix AB

Included products in this EPD

CM 900

CM 920

CM 940

CM 960

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