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BASWA acoustic produces seamless acoustic systems for reduction and control of the reverberation time in a spaces in order to create an ideal acoustic environment, positively affecting health and wellbeing. The BASWA acoustic systems consist of two elements; the BASWA Phon acoustic panels and a microporous plasters. The panels are adhered to a solid, closed substrate and then coated with this plaster. This results in a jointless, smooth surface with high absorption values and gives the visual appearance of a smooth, painted plaster ceiling. The BASWA Phon technology provides architects and acousticians with unique design options.

This EPD describes the environmental impacts of 1 m² of acoustical systems solutions for ceiling to aim at the reduction and control of the reverberation times and sound pressure level in public and private spaces and the creation of a pleasant sound environment.

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December 11, 2019
Valid until:
December 11, 2024
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BASWA Acoustic

Included products in this EPD

  • BASWA Phon Base
  • BASWA Phon Fine
  • BASWA Phon Classic Base
  • BASWA Phon Classic Fine
  • BASWA Phon Classic Top
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