Hercules Concrete Piles

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The Hercules concrete piles are columnar elements in a foundation which have the function of transferring load from the superstructure through weak compressible strata or through water, onto stiffer or more compact and less compressible soils or onto rock. They may be required to carry uplift loads when used to support tall structures subjected to overturning forces from winds or waves. The concrete piles used in marine structures are subjected to lateral loads from waves and from the impact of berthing ships. Combinations of vertical and horizontal loads are carried where piles are used to support retaining walls, bridge piers and abutments, and machinery foundations.

The Hercules plants currently manufacture five pile types in three main sizes with standard lengths of between 3 and 12/14 m to suit the imposed loading and ground conditions, and their durability is satisfactory for most soil and immersion conditions in Scandinavia.

The Hercules concrete piles meet all the requirements set out in SS-EN 12794, they are type-approved by RISE Certification (formerly the SITAC certification body) and the manufacturing process is supervised by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The concrete piles can therefore be CE marked without certification of the components included. All Hercules concrete piles have been CE marked in accordance with the harmonized SS-EN 12794 standard, with Manufacturing and Execution Class I. According to the Construction Product Regulation, CPR, CE marking is mandatory for products covered by this harmonized Standard.

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Registration number:
En15804 Compliant:
Registration date:
January 28, 2020
Valid until:
January 27, 2025
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Hercules Grundläggning AB

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Included products in this EPD

The Hercules plants currently manufacture precast concrete piles in three different sizes representing three main product groups: HP 235, HP 270 and HP 350. This EPD covers nine main design varieties of these concrete piles produced in the Ucklum and Västerås plants, both in Sweden.


  • HP 235-0412 U/V, Ucklum/Västerås
  • HP 235-0416 U/V, Ucklum/Västerås
  • HP 270-0812 U/V, Ucklum/Västerås
  • HP 270-0816 U/V, Ucklum/Västerås
  • HP 350-0816 U, Ucklum
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