LLENTAB Core Steel

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This EPD covers core steel products that form the supporting frame of hall buildings in the form of pillars, trusses and steel profiles. Llentab uses steel profiles with thicknesses from 1.5 up to 7 mm. High-strength steel is used for all profiles up to a thickness of 7 mm, which allows construction of slender structures. The profiles are produced from hot-dip galvanised steel. For thinner profiles (up to 2 mm), a Z275 layer is used, while for the rest Z450 is standard. Profiles are roll-formed or bent into a variety of sizes and the shapes are Z (mainly for purlins and wall racks), C (for trusses, pillars and frame elements) and Ω (for the top and bottom flanges of the frame).

The product density is 7,825 kg/m3. Expected service life depends on the application and the surrounding environment.

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January 16, 2020
Valid until:
December 8, 2024
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Llentab Steel AB
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