Paraffin waxes: Parasur 130, Parasur 150, Parasur 206, Parasur 600, Cerasur 725, Cerasur 725D and Gel 600

Product information

Paraffin waxes are extracted from petroleum. They are solid at room temperature and are used to manufacture a wide variety of products. They are inert, impermeable, shiny and non-toxic.

These products have a wide range of applications as: agriculture, automotive, cable, candles, chemistry, cosmetic & pharma, food additive, food contact, histology, industrial coatings, inks, insulation, metal industry, packaging, rheology, textile, tyre & rubber, wood, etc.

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July 23, 2019
Valid until:
December 26, 2019
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Included products in this EPD

  • Parasur 130
  • Parasur 150
  • Parasur 206
  • Parasur 600
  • Cerasur 725
  • Cerasur 725D
  • Gel 600

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