Bar in Coil

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DaehanSteel introduced Bar in Coil based on a long period of research and field experience. Bar in Coil, already widely used in Europe, is a new concept rebar that can provide many advantages such as maximization of production efficiency through the automated system, reduction of labor costs, reduction of processing losses and the amount of use of steel, better inventory management and efficient use of space for storage.

Bar in Coil can increase productivity and reduce losses. With the adoption of the automated system, it is effective in decreasing labor costs. Bar in Coil makes it possible to use the storage space in a more efficient way and to address problems with inventory management arising due to differences in the lengths of deformed straight bars. Rather than an individual bar, roll-type rebars can improve productivity. The reduced time for changing materials can enhance the productivity of each machine, and it is possible to charge steel bars in a constant basis, thus increasing productivity and reducing losses.

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En15804 Compliant:
Registration date:
June 17, 2024
Valid until:
June 16, 2029
Geographical scopes:
Global, South Korea

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Daehan Steel
South Korea

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