Mengozzi Collection and incineration of hazardous waste

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Product information

Since 1978 Mengozzi Spa provides some services to the hospitals and today is a leader company specialized in hazardous infective waste treatment.

In 2001, Mengozzi Spa completed a plant with the available best advanced technologies and it was  the first plant in Italy to obtain the Integrated Environmental Authorisation. Today, with these technologies, Mengozzi SPA is able to operate 365 days each year and 24 hours each day.

The Integrated System of Mengozzi Spa offers all services for waste management. The EPD statement of Mengozzi Spa covers the follow activities:

  • Production of plastic containers for medical waste;  After each use the plastic containers are cleaned, disinfected and reused. 
  • Distribution of plastic containers and waste collection;  Disposal of waste by incineration and electricity generation.

Detailed information

Registration number:
Registration date:
December 3, 2007
Version date:
July 24, 2018
Valid until:
July 24, 2021
Geographical scopes:

Company information

Company Name:
Mengozzi Rifiuti Sanitari S.p.A.