Porcelain Stoneware Ceramic Slabs, thickness 6 mm, Castellarano Site (RE) - Italy

Product information

Technical ceramic slabs - porcelain stoneware - combine the highest levels of technical characteristics with a particularly prestigious aesthetic appearance.

There are many areas of application: floorings, wall coverings, interior design, outdoor applications and the furnishing sector (including countertops).

Iris Ceramica Group’s porcelain stoneware slabs represent a unique material, made of high quality natural raw materials, extracted all over the world and processed in some of the most advanced plants in the world: their intrinsic values, nurtured by more than 60 years of market leadership, constitute a unique mix of innovation, design and sustainability.

In particular, large slabs combine consolidated and classic characteristics with new qualities of the highest performance: strength, lightness, flexibility, ductility.

Large-size slabs combine maximum design freedom with great flexibility: while on the one hand the maxi-slab drastically reduces the amount of interruptions in the design unit, on the other hand the wide range of all submultiples guarantees great versatility for every need.

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En15804 Compliant:
Registration date:
March 19, 2024
Version date:
March 29, 2024
Valid until:
February 19, 2029
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Company information

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GranitiFiandre S.p.A.

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Included products in this EPD

The range of materials in this EPD includes porcelain stoneware ceramic slabs, countertops and furniture under the brands Ariostea, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, Iris Ceramica, Porcelaingres, SapienStone, Stonepeak Ceramics e Active Surfaces® with thickness 6 mm.

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