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The wire rods of Hyundai Steel is steel materials for automobile parts and other fasteners. It is a type of steel material that has a round cross section and is wound in a coil shape, with a cross section diameter of 5.5 to 42.0 mm. It is usually used in the form of secondary processed products that have undergone follow-up processes and is used for manufacturing various mechanical parts such as automobiles, assembled metal products, electrical and electronic products, general machinery, and construction. Also, depending on the purpose, it is divided into machine structure/piano/bearing steel/spring steel/free cutting steel, etc. Typically, products are packed without wrapping. The use of wrapping is subject to negotiation, but this content is included the packaging for wire rods in the LCA study.

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EPD-IES-0010867:001 (S-P-10867)
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November 29, 2023
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November 29, 2028
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Hyundai Steel Company (Dual Registration)
South Korea

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Wire rods

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