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PT Pupuk Kujang is one of producer urea plant in Indonesia, located in Karawang City, West Java. Pupuk Kujang’s main business is producing and selling Ammonia, Urea, NPK and CO2 Liquid to meet domestic needs or for export purposes.

Urea fertilizer, also known as nitrogen (N) fertilizer, has a nitrogen content of 46%. Urea is made from the reaction between ammonia and carbon dioxide in a chemical process into solid urea. Pupuk Kujang produces urea in the form of prilled. 

Prilled Urea Fertilizer produced by PT Pupuk Kujang has the lowest level of biuret compared to other urea fertilizer producers, where biuret is toxic to plants. In addition, it also has a very low heavy metal content so that urea prilled PT Pupuk Kujang is very suitable if used for its special industrial raw materials in the production of Diesel Engine Fluid (DEF) which requires high purity urea.

Prilled urea fertilizer is very good in terms of nutrient absorption because when spreading fertilizer, the contact area is larger, plant absorption also becomes greater, and nutrients can be directly responded by plants.

Because the size is not too large, prilled urea can enter all types of plant commodities, be it annual or seasonal plants.

Nitrea Urea is the brand used for non-subsidized prilled urea fertilizer produced by Pupuk Kujang, white in color with a grain size of 1-3 mm.

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Registration number:
EPD-IES-0010427:002 (S-P-10427)
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Registration date:
September 20, 2023
Version date:
September 25, 2023
Valid until:
September 20, 2028
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PT Pupuk Kujang

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