Electricity from European on-shore wind farm GAMESA G90 - 2MW - 78m

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Gamesa Corporacion Tecnologica is a global technology leader in the wind industry and has thirty production centers in Europe, USA, China, India and Brazil. Its market includes the design, construction, installation and maintenance of wind turbines, with more than 26,000 MW installed in 40 countries and 19,000 MW under maintenance. Gamesa is also a world leader in the market for the development, construction and sale of wind farms, with about 5,000 MW installed and a portfolio of over 18,000 MW in wind farms in Europe, America and Asia.

Multi-megawatt wind turbines of 2.0 MW Gamesa platform enable more competitive ratios per MW installed investment cost and energy produced, thanks to the versatile combination of a wind turbine of 2.0 MW each, and 5 different rotors of dimensions: 80, 87, 90, 97 and 114 meters in diameter, to achieve peak performance in all kinds of locations and wind conditions.

The functional unit used in the LCA which supports this EPD is "1 kWh. Net electricity generated by a European onshore wind farm GAMESA G90-2MW-78m operating under average wind conditions (IEC-II) and distributed to European consumers."

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July 23, 2013
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April 5, 2016
Valid until:
April 5, 2019
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Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

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