dasso Ecosolid Bamboo

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Product information

dasso Ecosolid bamboo offers a unique style to home, office or commercial spaces. The globally patented process is revolutionary. This method uses the entire piece of bamboo which in the manufacturing process is flattened and thus reveals the joints in the bamboo stalk which creates a natural effect. The final look of the product is quite design savvy. The product is extremely durable because of the outer skin layer of the bamboo being preserved which is the hardest part of the bamboo.

dasso Ecosolid bamboo is ideal for interior flooring. The tongue and groove connecting system allows for easy installation. It is also extremely dense which is able to offer a 10-year commercial warranty and 20-year residential.

Detailed information

Registration number:
Registration date:
April 1, 2020
Valid until:
April 1, 2025
Geographical scopes:

Company information

Company Name:
Hangzhou Dasuo Technology Co., Ltd.

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