Ach Sandwich Panels With Mineral Wool Core

Product information

ACH sandwich panels are composed by two steel sheets which are joined with an organic adhesive to the mineral wool core.

This type of panels are manufactured by cold forming, and they are characterized by its high strength and stability against fire risks. Consequently, the products are suitable for use in any building type where fire resistance is a priority area, such as industrial facilities, public enclosures and residential constructions. Furthermore, its mineral wool core provides a high acoustical insulation in places where the products are installed, particularly at industrial sector, improving the environmental quality and comfort of this areas.

ACH sandwich panels can be used for the installation of coverings, facades and wall partitions in numerous types of buildings, such as heated places, production plants, hazardous substances warehouses or constructions where acoustical insulation is required among other locations. 

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August 30, 2019
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August 18, 2024
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Saint-Gobain Transformados SA