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The product ECO-Asfalt® Plus from Peab Asfalt is produced using bio-fuel for drying and heating the aggregate material with a temperature reduction of 20 degrees Celsius compared with traditional production, which means the process uses less energy.

ECO-Asfalt® Plus can completely replace conventional hot-mixed asphalt in all types of applications, such as high-speed roads, airfields, industrial plants, ports, streets and cycle paths.

ECO-Asfalt® and ECO-Asfalt® Plus was produced at thirteen of Peab Asfalt’s stationary asphalt plants in Sweden in 2017, and production reached over 1.8 million tons.
The asphalt types covered in this EPD are AG, ABB, ABT and ABS, in all cases intended for the paving of roads. The asphalt is CE-marked as required by SS-EN ISO 13108-1-8 and SS-EN ISO 13108-20-21.

Asphalt is 100% recyclable, offering the possibility to further reduce environmental impact by reducing the need for new raw materials. Today, reused asphalt is included in the manufacture of new asphalt for several applications, with maintained technical performance. The recommended amount will however vary from case to case. This EPD includes the potential environmental impact from including a minimum of 20% reused asphalt.

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July 5, 2018
Valid until:
July 4, 2023
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Peab Asfalt AB

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