Electricity from Krångede hydropower plant

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Fortum is a leading energy company with core operations in ten countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, the Russian Federation, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, India and the United Kingdom). The company provides customers with electricity, heating and cooling as well as smart solutions for the future. Global energy production amounted in 2017 to 73 TWh of electricity and 29 TWh of heat.

Fortum is the owner/part-owner of 132 hydro power plants, 119 in Sweden and 13 in Finland. Together they generated 20 TWh of electricity in 2017. This corresponds to 28% of Fortum’s total power output, and represents 10% of the electricity production in Sweden.

This EPD is valid for electricity from the hydropower plant Krångede, located along the river Indalsälven in the county of Jämtland, Sweden. The plant is number eight in the river when counting backwards from the Bothnian Sea, where the river meets the ocean. The upstream reservoir constitutes of the lake Gesunden.

Krångede is Fortums largest hydropower plant and during a normal year the production reaches over 1,6 TWh. Krångede was commissioned in 1936 and has a vertical drop of 60 meters. The installed power of the plant is 259 MW. The power plant is an underground station with six turbines of the Francis turbine type. The nominal effect for the turbines varies between 42,3 MW (lowest) and 44,28 MW (highest). The dam is a buttress dam and is 350-meter-long, with an average height of 25 meter.

Key data


Installed power

259 MW

Commissioned year


Full load hours

6106 hours

Average production

1619 GWh

Size of magazine

30 million m3

Detailed information

Registration number:
Registration date:
November 13, 2018
Valid until:
November 13, 2021
Geographical scopes:

Company information

Company Name:
Fortum Sverige AB

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