FAST Double sided microfiber cloth for daily maintenance, sanitizing and cleaning of domestic, hospital and industrial surfaces

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Product information

FAST products are double sided microfiber nonwoven wipes for daily maintenance, sanitizing and cleaning of domestic, hospital and industrial surfaces. They are designed for floors, bathrooms, parquets and other specific surfaces (e.g. glass, mirrors, plastic-rolled, writing desks, benches, steel surfaces, telephones, computers, etc.). They are all throwaway products designed for a unique usage. In particular, this aspect is essential in the case of hospital application, since the wipes' characteristics are designed to avoid crosscontamination between different environments (e.g. surgery and ward). In addition, to guarantee a low impact on environment, all the FAST products fit requirements of DM 262/2016 provided by the Italian regulation on Green Public Procurement.

They are manufactured in Italy by Cle.Pr.In. S.r.l., a chemical industry leader in the production of detergents for professional use through the application of advanced and green technologies in its production plant. In fact, Cle.Pr.In. recognizes the need to commit itself to protecting the environment and its ecosystems by the use of natural resources (such as surface-active agents, water, etc.) and renewable energy (certificate No 000.330.251/16 released by NWG Energia Srl) in a careful and responsible way in order to minimize or avoid the environmental impacts. In addition, since several years Cle.Pr.In. has started a successful campaign to mitigate its CO2 emissions by planting threes which can fight climate change and promote a lower carbon industry.

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Detailed information

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January 19, 2018
Valid until:
January 11, 2021
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Company information

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Cle.Pr.In. Srl

Included products in this EPD

FAST SANNY FEN, 540cm2; 2.5E-5 kg/cm2, 1.31kg/package, 100;
FAST SANNY, 660cm2, 5.0E-4 kg/cm2, 0.77kg/package, 60;
FAST IPO 52, 978cm2, 7.0E-4 kg/cm2, 1.02kg/package, 75;
FAST SMART, 660cm2, 2.4E-4 kg/cm2, 0.37kg/package, 40;
FAST FLOOR FEN, 1320cm2, 6.6E-5 kg/cm2, 2.04kg/package, 50;
FAST FLOOR SANIT HCS, 1320cm2, 1.1E-3 kg/cm2, 1.95kg/package, 50;
FAST KALK, 540cm2, 4.9E-5 kg/cm2,1.33kg/package, 100;
FAST KALK FEN, 720cm2, 4.7E-4 kg/cm2, 1.00kg/package, 75.

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