Valfrutta Borlotti beans

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Product information

Valfrutta fresh borlotti beans derive from an integrated cultivation and are processed only from Italian fresh beans. This specific product is not, therefore, re-hydrated starting from dehydrated beans. The quality controls begin in the fields where the beans are planted and are continued throughout the processing cycle right up to the finished packaged product.

The ingredients are: beans, water, salt.

The beans, shelled at source during the harvesting, are immediately sampled for quality control purposes when they reach the plants. The beans are then selected and graded using optical controls which is followed by a second manual control before the beans are washed and blanched in hot water.

The beans are processed using part of the cooking liquid, represented by a water and salt solution which enhances the product's conservation in natural way. Cans or glass jars are then closed before the final phase of sterilization.

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July 15, 2014
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November 9, 2020
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