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NUREL Nylon 6 yarns

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Product information

This EPD refers to NUREL NYLON 6 Textile Filament Yarns. This EPD includes our entire Nylon 6 portfolio of multi-fibers and micro-fibers, from 17 to 330 decitex. The polymerization, spinning, and the final warping of these yarns is carried out completely in a single production site in Zaragoza (Spain). NUREL NYLON 6 yarns are used in various applications such as intimate clothing, sportswear and swimwear.

Detailed information

Registration number: S-P-00513
Publication/issue date: 2013-12-17
Version date: 2020-02-17
Valid until: 2025-02-20
Verified by: Eva Martínez Herrero
Reference PCR(s): Textile yarn and thread of natural fibres, man-made filaments or staple fibres
Geographical scope: Europe

Company information

Company name: NUREL S.A.
Country: Spain
Contact: José Carlos Martín Tejada
Website: www.nurel.com

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    Nylon 6 yarns

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