AMioAgio® bed underpads

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Product information

This EPD has been de-registered. Please contact the Secretariat at for further information.

Company information

Hartmann Foromed Srl
Company name: Hartmann Foromed Srl
Country: Italy
Management systems: ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001

Included products in this epd

    AMioAgio 60x40 plus, ref. 21699610
    AMioAgio 60x60 plus, ref. 21699600
    AMioAgio 60x90 plus, ref. 21699520
    AMioAgio 60x90 plus, ref. 21699522
    AMioAgio 60x90 plus with breathable backsheet, ref. 21699790
    AMioAgio 60x90 plus with fixing adhesives, ref. 21699980
    AMioAgio 60x90 extra, ref. 21699530
    AMioAgio 80x180 plus, ref. 21699542
    AMioAgio 80x180 plus with wings, ref. 21699540
    AMioAgio 80x180 plus with non-woven wings, ref. 21699541

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