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Rizziconi Combined-Cycle Gas Turbine plant

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Product information

Commissioned in 2008, in the heart of the Gioia Tauro plain in the region Calabria, the Rizziconi plant is currently among the most modern plants for electricity generation. The plant has a modular structure,made up of two identical and independent sections of roughly 380 MW of electricity power each. Each module contains a gas turbine with an output of about 260 MW of electric power, fuelled by natural gas and by a steam turbine of approximately 120 MW of power output.

The declared product is 1 kWh net electricity generated in Rizziconi CCGT power plant and thereafter distributed to consumers connected to the low-voltage grid level in Italy during the reference year 2015.

Detailed information

Registration No: S-P-00456
Registration date: 2013-09-20
Version date: 2016-05-12
Valid until: 2019-05-12
Verified by: Bureau Veritas Certification Sverige AB
Reference PCR(s): Electricity, steam and hot/cold water generation and distribution

Company information

Axpo Services AG
Company name: Axpo Services AG
Country: Switzerland
Contact: Axpo Sustainability
Telephone: +41 56 200 31 11
Website: www.axpo.com

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