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Mineral water Lete and Sorgesana

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Product information

Lete is a famous historical brand, it first appeared on the market back in 1893 when the Company began to bottle Lete mineral water from the Matese Mountains. Mineral waters "Lete" and "Sorgesana" are two mineral waters which differ in their chemical-physical composition and especially for the content of free carbon dioxide to the source.

Mineral water "Lete" is classified, pursuant to Legislative Decree 176/2011, as natural sparkling mineral water, because of its high content of carbon dioxide, bicarbonate, calcium magnesium for its content in bicarbonates of calcium and magnesium.

The mineral water "Sorgesana", is characterized by a low value of fixed residue and, for this belongs to the category of mineral waters "trace elements".

The EPD is available in English and in Italian.

Detailed information

Registration number: S-P-00394
Publication/issue date: 2012-12-06
Version date: 2018-08-22
Valid until: 2021-08-22
Verified by: RINA Services S.p.A.
Reference PCR(s): Bottled waters, not sweetened or flavoured
Geographical scope: Global

Company information

Lete S.p.A.
Company name: Lete S.p.A.
Country: Italy
Contact: Sandro Del Giudice
Website: www.acqualete.it
Management systems: ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Included products in this epd

    Lete PET 0,5 liters
    Lete PET 1,5 liters
    Sorgesana PET 2,0 liters

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