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Terbond® Spunbond reinforcements for bituminous membranes made of recycled polyester

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Product information

Terbond® is a polyester fiber nonwoven manufactured with spunbond technology, available in numerous weights in order to satisfy a wide range of technical requirements and answer the different needs of global markets.

The technology used is the result of specific knowledge in the fields of spinning, stretching with air at subsonic speed and web laying, accompanied over the years by continuous technological improvements also in mechanical, chemical and thermal bonding. The version Terbond® R is always a spunbonded polyester nonwoven reinforced with glass filaments in machine direction. The glass reinforcement is an additional advantage of Terbond range placing it at the top end of the market. The combination of the flexibility of polyester with the stability of glass not only allows excellent runnability of the nonwoven, but also gives the bituminous membrane outstanding dimensional stability and resistance over time. Using glass reinforcement also eliminates the phenomenon of thermal memory: once applied to roofs, the membrane is not subject to shrinkage due to temperature changes.

Detailed information

Registration No: S-P-00172
Registration date: 2011-08-01
Version date: 2019-02-01
Valid until: 2022-08-31
Verified by: Adriana Del Borghi
Reference PCR(s): PCR 2012:01 Construction products and construction services (EN 15804:A1)
Geographical scope: Global
EN 15804: This EPD is compliant with EN 15804

Company information

Freudenberg Performance Materials – Global Division Bu...
Company name: Freudenberg Performance Materials – Global Division Bu...
Country: Italy
Contact: Federico Pallini
Telephone: +39 031 793 111
Website: www.freudenberg-pm.com

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