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FLEXITY Outlook Tram

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Product information

This Environmental Product Declaration provides a detailed insight into the environmental impact of the Valencia/Alicante FLEXITY Outlook tram throughout its complete life cycle.

The Valencia and Alicante configuration of the FLEXITY Outlook tram forms the basis of the specific environmental information of this EPD.

Detailed information

Registration No: S-P-00192
Registration date: 2013-04-16
Valid until: 2015-02-10
Verified by: Manfred Mühlberger
Reference PCR(s): Rolling stock (valid until 2018-12-31; being updated)
Geographical scope: Spain

Company information

Bombardier Transportation GmbH
Company name: Bombardier Transportation GmbH
Country: Austria
Telephone: +43 1 25 110 760
Website: www.transport.bombardier.com
Management systems: EMAS

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