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Cerelia Mineral water

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Product information

The natural mineral water from Cerelia comes from springs and wells in the neighbourhood of the factory known for being unpolluted and pristine. Apart from having a high quality, the water has a reputation of giving a certain positive clinical effect thanks its well known digestibility.

The EPD describes the environmental performance of the water in 0.5 and 1.5 litres PET-bottles and 1.0 litres glass bottles (non-returnable), processed according to current legislation for foodpackaging. The manufacturing process for the water is the same for both theses types of packaging. All packaging scraps go to recycling.

The EPD is available in Italian with a summary in English.

Detailed information

Registration number: S-P-00123
Publication/issue date: 2007-08-22
Version date: 2019-09-03
Valid until: 2024-08-04
Verified by: Certiquality Srl
Reference PCR(s): Bottled waters, not sweetened or flavoured
Geographical scope: Global

Company information

Cerelia Srl
Company name: Cerelia Srl
Country: Italy
Contact: Cerelia Sorgente Acqua Minerale S.r.l.
Telephone: +39 051 915016
Website: www.acquacerelia.com
Management systems: ISO 14001

Included products in this epd

    Cerelia mineral water bottled in:

    • PET bottle 0.5 litre
    • PET bottle 1.5 litre
    • Glass bottle 1 litre

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